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AASF considers the social and economic barriers facing the athlete’s family when determining the eligibility for funding. Applicants must be a resident of Brantford, the County of Brant or Six Nations municipalities. Guidelines are based on the number of children your family is eligible to claim as stated on your Child Care Benefit notice and whether other assistance has already been provided for the current registration period.

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What is AASF Financial Eligibility Guide for funding?2024-02-13T10:57:23-05:00

1 child       –max net income $30,000
2 children –max net income $35,000
3 children –max net income $40,000
4 children –max net income $45,000
5 children –max net income $50,000

What ages are covered by the AASF Sport Grant?2024-02-13T10:57:47-05:00

Residents 0-17 years by the start date of the chosen sport.

How much funding can I receive?2024-02-13T10:58:14-05:00

Eligible children can qualify to receive up to a maximum of $350 per calendar year (January to December). This can be for 1 sport or multiple activities, to a max amount of $350.00.

What documentation do I need to include with my application?2024-02-13T12:27:35-05:00
  • Properly completed application including child’s information, sport information and funding amount request (no greater than $350)
  • The most recent CCB – Ontario Child Care Benefit Notice of Assessment (issued every July) OR your most recent government assistant statements such as Ontario Works or ODSP. Your name, address, your child(ren) name and your net income must be displayed on the statement.
What if I don’t have my most recent Child Care notice of Assessment?2024-02-13T12:07:38-05:00

Your assessment is issued only once per year, every July, and can accessed online in your CRA account (found in “view mail” option, select CCB Notice PDF version).

If you do not have a CRA online account, you can call 1-800-387-1193 to request that a new one be mailed to you – please note that this option can take up to 6 weeks to process and will delay your application approval.

How do I create an online CRA account and view my Child Care Benefit (CCB)?2024-02-14T00:46:04-05:00
  • Click here and go to the CRA register page
  • Click SIGN-IN PARTNER to login with your banking info (this option allows you to login without waiting for a password from CRA), OR;
  • Enter your social insurance number, personal information, and a certain line number from one of your past two tax returns
  • Choose a user ID and Password
  • In 7-10 business days you will receive a security code sent in the mail by CRA
  • Sign back into CRA and enter the security code
  • Go to view mail (left side of account homepage)
  • Open CCB notice
What is the deadline for applications?2024-02-13T12:09:19-05:00

AASF accepts applications year-round; however, we do ask that the completed application be submitted 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the sport for processing. AASF does not cover past debt owed to organizations for non-payment or reimbursements.

I am not the custodial parent. Can I still apply?2024-02-13T12:09:38-05:00

The person filing the child’s sport application must be the recipient of the Child Care Benefit or subsidy benefits. We take into account the size and family income of the custodial parent.

What are the funding arrangements?2024-02-13T12:09:56-05:00

Funds are handled by us. The funds for registration fees will be distributed and made payable directly to the sports organization by AASF.  We do not refund families that have pre-paid registration fees.  Refunds will come directly from the sports organization.

How do I find a sports organization that accepts AASF?2024-02-13T13:38:34-05:00

Most sport organizations in Brantford and the County of Brant accept AASF funding. If you are unsure, it is best to call either AASF  or contact the sports organization directly. A drop down list of most organized sports is available for selection on the Online Application form.  A very extensive list of sports organizations have also been listed on the  AASF Sports Portal on our website.

What does the funding not cover?2024-02-13T12:11:28-05:00

AASF does not cover costs relating to camps, travel, championships, competition, private lessons, and/or equipment. If you are unsure if your request meets our requirements, please contact the office.

How do I apply?2024-02-14T00:46:33-05:00

The easiest way to apply is online: Click here for online application 

You may also download and print a copy of the application from our website OR pick one up from our office. 

Please feel free to come in during our business hours for help in filling out paper or online applications.

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Local Sports Organizations and the Arnold Anderson Sport Fund –
Working together to benefit all athletes!

Here at the Arnold Anderson Sport Fund, we want to be able to promote each and every organization to the best of our abilities!

Sports organizations are encouraged to connect with Sandra at AASF to initialize your individual organizations’ profile on our Sports Portal and to become familiar in regards to the administrative process of AASF sports grants. We understand how busy you are and have made the maintenance of this information very easy and quick to upkeep.

We appreciate all organizations providing a link to the AASF on their website to facilitate the application process for families in need. We are able to provide printed materials to your organization and members such as applications and flyers. We are also available to attend events that your association may be hosting to promote the Arnold Anderson Sport Fund.

We encourage all organizations to remember what the Arnold Anderson Sport Fund represents and help us to remove the financial barriers that prevent children from participating in sports! Please consider AASF as a recipient when planning your next fundraising initiative!

Please contact the office at anytime for more information or email Sandra directly at

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