United Family Martial Arts


At United Family Martial Arts, we pride ourselves on being a family oriented school and encourage our parents to take an active role in their child’s development. We offer special family rates because martial arts is an activity the whole family can enjoy. You’ll also find that martial arts training helps build good kids into great kids by increasing their self esteem, teaching them to work toward goals, and learning respect for themselves and for others. Your children learn in a safe, supervised environment and our trained instructors are specialists in keeping kids motivated and interested while they’re learning self-defense techniques that can last a lifetime. Our class curriculum is full of fun, exciting activities and character development lessons that teach and encourage students to:
• Treat themselves and others with respect •
• Concentrate and always do their best work •
• Serve as a positive role model for others •
• Take responsibility for their actions •
• Be proud of their accomplishments •

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