Wave Volleyball


We provide youth in our community a chance to learn and play the game of volleyball in a fun and inclusive environment.

Wave Volleyball offers two youth volleyball programs:

Youth Development Program - Our co-ed development program is for youth to experience the fun of court volleyball, and learn the basics of the game!

Through engaging sessions, athletes will learn essential skills such as serving, passing, and attacking in a fun and supportive environment. Our program aims to foster a love for volleyball by building a solid foundation of techniques, while emphasizing teamwork and sportsmanship.

This program is best suited for athletes just starting out in their volleyball journey, or who want to work on developing their skills in a non-competitive environment.

No experience necessary. Athletic shoes, and knee pads recommended

Youth House League - This was created for youth with prior volleyball experience that want to compete against other teams on a weekly basis. This house league gives youth the opportunity to play in a competitive environment without the cost, and time-consuming requirements of Ontario Volleyball Association clubs.

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