YMCA Aquatics


Summer Session - July and August, $25 per month = $50.00

Fall Session - Sept, Oct, Nov and Dec, $25 per month = $100.00

Winter Session - Jan, Feb, March, $25 per month = $75.00

Spring Session - April, May, June, $25 per month = $75.00

Please call to register well in advance of start date. 519-512-4891

Since 1931, the YMCA has been a leader in aquatics in Canada. That year the YMCA developed the first nationally recognized aquatics program and has continued to train aquatic leaders ever since.
At the YMCA we focus on helping people develop. Each swimmer is challenged to grow and improve while the levels are a tool to help parents understand progress on different items. Children will be continually challenged and not limited to completing a level before being introduced to new skills. YMCA staff are trained beyond aquatics on topics such as Healthy Child Development. They not only teach swim skills but also help children understand and live the YMCA Core Values - Caring, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility.

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